OUR PEER-REVIEW TEAMA team of specialised global experts across the regions

WHAT IS PEER REVIEWImprove Effectiveness

The purpose of peer review is to evaluate the validity, quality, and originality of works submitted for publication. Its ultimate goal is to preserve scientific integrity by excluding invalid or low-quality papers.

Peer review works as a content filter for publishers, moving higher-quality articles to higher-quality journals and generating journal brands.


WHO IS THE REVIEWEREnsure the quality of research

Members of the peer review board are experts in article's research fields
Experts who do not have a conflict of interest with related parties
People with many years of experience in research and publishing
Reviewers must be recognized by Paris-U through a rigorous selection process

OUTCOMES OF PEER REVIEWReflected in peer review as follows:

  • Content matching with the title;
  • General analysis of the level of the scientific content of the paper, novelty, terminology and structure of the publication, the relevance of the topic and the significance of the problem; theoretical and practical components of the study;
  • The authenticity of described facts; completeness of study material;
  • Identification of the author’s shortcomings, inaccuracies and errors.

SUPPORTED BYOur Peer Review Team

Renowned for the research supervisors' quality of work, our team provides the best research advice under competitive processes.

AVIATION & LOGISTICSProf. Dr. Seyed Ghadiri




LIBERAL EDUCATIONDr. Rémy Auguste François


IT & INNOVATIONProf. Dr. Sureswaran Ramadass


DECISION-MAKING PROCESSMake sure the paper meets the research and ethical standards

  • Step 1: Initial screening;
  • Step 2: Peer review;
  • Step 3: Scholarly’s Peer Review Board decides whether to publish;
  • Step 4: Decision is informed to the author.