4R MODELRecognize (R3)

Based on the initial application, after completing all of the academic requirements and having published international articles on the ISI/SCOPUS system and Scholarly, postgraduate students will be granted a degree and respective awards.


TYPE OF RECOGNIZEYou will be properly recognized

Paris-U awards degrees and certificates based on your contributions and the nature of the academic programs.

Doctorate Degrees
PostDoc Degrees
Reviewer Recognize
Author Certified

RECOGNITION FOR REVIEWERReviewers Certified by Paris-U and Scholarly

Paris-U and Scholarly welcome top scientists to become members of Scholarly’s Reviewer. The selection criteria include the following:

  • Be a recognized expert in the field;
  • Hold a Doctorate or Ph.D degree;
  • Not a co-author in the manuscript submitted for intended publication in Scholarly;
  • Not affiliated with the same institution as the author(s);

RECOGNITION FOR AUTHORScholarly only accepts papers from our learners

Scholarly is not a public academic journal or for public calling papers. Scholarly only accepts the paper which is approved by the ISI/SCOPUS Systems and republish their abstract in Scholar.

If you are a scientist who is not a student of Paris-U, you must be certified as a Scholarly member.

The scientists who publish articles on Scholarly will be granted a Scientist Certified by Paris-U corresponding to the article.