4R MODELRe-support (R4)

Postgraduate students who have completed a PhD and/or Post Doctorate program of Paris-U will have the opportunity to become Research Supervisor and Professor of Paris-U in their respective fields of study

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WHO COULD JOINParis-U Re-Support program

The Re-support program is a research career development path for Doctorate and PostDoctorate students of Université Libérale de Paris, Scholarly members, and certified reviewers.

Post-graduated learners
Certified Reviewers
Certified Members

VACANCIESWork & succeed together

Positions for Re-support program include:

  • Lecturer with majors (Bachelor, Master, Doctor and PostDoc level)
  • Research Supervisor (Master and Doctoral level)
  • Research methodology lecturer (Bachelor, Master, Doctor and PostDoc level)
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REQUIREMENTSFor Paris-U expertise

  • DBA, PhD Degree and above. Graduates of Paris-U are given preference.
  • Have at least 1 published scientific paper. Priority is given to candidates who have published articles on Scholarly.
  • For research instructors, at least one program of graduate research guidelines from the Paris-U programs must have been completed.

POLICIESRe-Support Program


All post-graduated candidates and postgraduate research students require a supervisor (or supervisors) to guide them in independent research. The relationship between the candidate/student and supervisors is expected to be professional and effective. A candidate/student is only admitted into a course when the supervisory expertise, study environment, and training resources are adequate for the research activity.

Research Supervisor Roles and Responsibilities

The principal supervisor has the following duties:

  • wherever possible, remain as a principal supervisor for the duration of candidature;
  • provide constructive feedback and support to the candidate/student on formulating a research question, accessing appropriate methodology and resources, maintaining a schedule and acquiring necessary ethics approvals which will produce an examinable research work within the accepted time frame;
  • schedule regular meetings and provide timely feedback on the scope, quality, and presentation of work required;
  • keep clear and accurate records of all supervision meetings;
  • provide an annual progress report of the candidate/student to the Graduate Research Institute of Paris-U;
  • advise the candidate/student on any additional skills training s/he may require (such as mechanics of writing);
  • assist the postgraduate candidate in preparing for confirmation of candidature;
  • identify shortcomings in any aspect of the research and provide written and oral feedback for improvements;
  • notify the Graduate Research Institute of Paris-U if the candidate/student is not meeting expected progress goals;
  • assist the candidate/student in understanding the relevant Paris-U policies and procedures;
  • organize alternative supervisory arrangements and inform the Graduate Research Institute of Paris-U if absent for more than four weeks in a semester;
  • provide or recommend appropriate mentoring opportunities for the candidate/student, including advice on conference presentations and publishing;
  • identify and recommend external examiners.