4R MODELFrom Researcher to Research Supervisor

WHAT IS 4R MODELResearch; Review; Recognize & Re-support

The 4R model is a model developed by Paris-U and our university partners to ensure an efficient and qualified research process that meets international standards and opens up career opportunities for Doctorals and PostDocs.

After completing the 4R process, researchers can confidently become reviewers, research supervisors or lecturers for Université Libérale de Paris.


4R MODEL IN DETAILSHow we can help you



Paris-U professors guide postgraduate students of Doctorate and PostDoc programs based on the rigorous regulations of the International Research Paper.


Postgraduate students will have their research defense at our Colloquiums and participate in the Peer-Review process as per regulations of the ISI/SCOPUS journals.


Once accomplished research meets either ISI/SCOPUS requirements, a degree (Doctorate/PostDoc) will be granted, and the research will be published in the Scholarly.


After becoming a Doctorate or Post Doctorate of PARIS-U can become a Research Supervisor and/or lecturer of PARIS-U and the HEIs member of European Education Holdings.

INDUSTRIESOur Research Fields

Master, Doctoral and PostDoc students of Université Libérale de Paris will be able to participate in research in the following fields: